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Of this I am sure …

Love conquers all:   There is nothing that cannot be fixed with love, no hurdle that cannot be overcome and no wrong that cannot be set right.

There is freedom in forgiveness:   Holding on to resentment does nothing to the other person, but it destroys you.  When you let go, you are set free.

There is life after death:   Faith in things not seen.  Without this assurance, life is pointless.

It is never too late to make things right with your children:   No matter how bad we are as parents, our children love us and they will always be ready to forgive us when we say we are sorry.

Hope is one of the most important things a human can have:   Hope is a glimmer of light when you are stumbling through a dark night.  Without it, we might as well lie down and give up.

It is by grace that we are redeemed, not by works:   There is nothing we can do to make ourselves righteous.

Depression can be overcome:   By the right attitude, by retraining the mind and by taking control of our thoughts.

Kindness is repaid:   Always, unexpectedly and on time.

What you believe is what you will get:   What you believe in your heart and say with your mouth, is what you will bring into your life.

Each man is responsible for his own life and everything that comes with it:   We make the decisions that get us where we are, we cannot blame anybody else.

Anything the mind can conceive, we can achieve:   Full stop.


You can start over

What is so glorious about the morning?

I am not a morning person.  I am slow in getting started and in fact, I don’t even feel like Christmas when I first awake.

But I am starting to learn that mornings are amazing for the simple reason that you get a new start in them, every day.  Each morning is a fresh beginning.  No matter what went wrong today, you have a chance to start all over again tomorrow at first light when you open your eyes.

We are given this gift so that we don’t get stuck in the difficulties of life.  So that we don’t get depressed and bogged down.  No matter what went wrong today, there is always a chance to set it right.

Thoughts are different in the morning.  They are almost exact opposites to evening thoughts.  What I set out to do when I first surface from sleep, those thoughts and ideas are capable of so much more than the thoughts during the rest of the day.

In the morning I awake and think:  “I never want to do that again” but in the evening I think:  “Why not, why shouldn’t I?”  By acting on those first thoughts, I push myself further and achieve more.  It is less mundane, less accepting of failure.  It aspires to everything that is good and best for me.

What then is so glorious about the morning?

Everything.  So Carpe Diem!