Who I am

I have 2 wonderful parents, a brother, and 3 step-siblings

I have 25 cousins just on my mom’s side

My dad died when I was 5

I was molested from the ages of 5 to 11

I went to boarding school

I got married when I was 22.  The first 7 years were almost undoable.  The next 7 just bearable.  The next 7 just hard.  But, the first bit of this 7 is actually quite pleasant

I have two sons

I used to hate dogs but now I love Cinnamon

I hate making beds

I’ve tried drugs

I messed around with alcohol but it messed with me more

I have been in rehab

I like writing, painting and reading.  I make bling-denim handbags

I enjoy being alone but love a good party

I’ve been broken

I was healed

I’ve been scared

I am safe

I’ve been in darkness

I walk in light

I’ve been in bondage

I’ve been set free

I’ve lived in depression

I am content

I’ve been sanded and scoured

I’m not yet smooth

I’ve climbed many mountains

I overcome

“I’m alright Jack.  Yup, Jack’s alright”.

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