When does Mrs. Ramsay ever see Gordon?

I’ve just finished Gordon Ramsay’s autobiography Humble Pie and I like him even more than before.  What stands out is his work ethic, he goes at it hard and never suffers laziness.

Gordon is a busy guy.  Besides for writing, consulting and managing his restaurant empire in various countries, he also has I don’t know how many TV shows such as Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsay’s Best Restaurant, Hell’s Kitchen and The F Word.  Before reading the book I wondered where he found the time to chill but now I understand that for Gordon, to work is to live.

I love Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.  His no-nonsense approach, common sense, readiness to enter into confrontation, lack of fear and his understanding of what makes a restaurant exceptional creates a riveting show.  Gordon is not scared to say it like it is, nor does he give a fig about his enemies.

In ‘Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares’, restaurants in trouble get help from Gordon.  This usually involves fighting with owners, managers and chefs as well as restaurant make-overs, new menus and thorough health inspections.

In most of the shows the owners are opposed to these changes even though their businesses are failing.  I cannot understand why they ask for his help in the first place if they are not prepared to play ball.  Surely they know what the man is like before they ask for his assistance.  And surely that is why they ask in the first place.  Why then get bent out of shape?

Gordon comes from a poor background because of an abusive father who hardly worked and moved his family from town to town.  That became the driving force for Gordon, never to be like his dad, to succeed in life and to provide for his family.  I don’t think anybody can argue that he has done a bloody good job of it all.

Gordon thrives on adversity.  During his training years he learnt to work harder when pushed.  The more severe the opposition, the tougher he became.

Here is another example of someone who climbed to the top without much help, managed in spite of the utmost adversity and whose suffering was the cause of his victory.

Cheers Gordon, may you forevermore increase.


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