As for shopping …

shop or hang , that is the question

I am not a happy-shopper.  Whether it is popping down to my local shop for bread, or going to the mall.  I am a sucker for stationery and drug stores, but even those conjure up very little enthusiasm.

This bookworm does not enjoy book stores or libraries.  One reason is that I get overwhelmed by the variety.  The other is that I am forever in a hurry.  The pressure of choosing quickly makes for an unpleasant experience.

On the upside, I cannot imagine any husband being unhappy about a wife who avoids the shops.  But kids mind because they are always sent to get odds and sods.  Never a whole list though because that sets off ‘the complaining’.  The way I see it, they are out-and-about anyway so what is the problem.

Shopping online is a lot more fun.  It is relaxed and there is no pressure.  Nor are there crowds and loud music.  My dream is for the day when we have avatars to our exact measurements that can fit virtual clothes for us.  Maybe I have some phobia but I really don’t care.

I used to order my monthly groceries online but in South Africa there are only a couple of shops that offer such facilities.  After two years of bad service, wrong items delivered and a general ‘could not care’ attitude, I gave it up and started buying in-store again.  How sad is that?  All they have to do is look at the list, pack the items and deliver it, but clearly it is too difficult.

An example of bad service delivery:  I ordered books locally one Friday and the Sunday after I arranged for the replacement of my Kindle through Amazon (internationally).  By the following Thursday, my Kindle had arrived whereas my local order took another three weeks.  It is therefore no surprise that I love my Kindle.

Neither do we have too many options for other online shopping.  So I order from US stores.  Alternatively I wait until friends or family come out and ask nicely if I can rent space in their suitcases.

I hope I will see the day that I will be able to buy absolutely everything online so that I never have to set foot in any store again.


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