What about Them?

We don’t even notice them.  The marginalised, the down-and-out.  Tramps, orphans, AIDS victims, alcoholics, drug addicts, the neglected, human and animal.

They are nameless, faceless beings we pass on streets, or read about in papers.  They sleep under bridges in extreme weather, live in homes without parents, they are kept in cages and abused.

We can say that we care, but really caring involves doing something.  Just driving by and saying “Shame” is not caring.  It is a momentary tug at the conscience.

They are unlovely and unlovable, they contaminate.  They are unclean and pushed aside.  They cause guilt.  We do not reach out a hand, because they are there by choice.

But are they really?

The simple truth is, that there but by the grace of God go I.

So spare them a smile and a prayer.  It costs nothing.


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