What’s in a Dad?

Every child deserves the privilege of a Daddy.

A boy needs a Dad to teach him how to be a man.  And to do man-things with.  A girl needs a Dad to teach her about men, and how to be a woman.

Dads protect their children and deal with bullies.   When a little girl is born, Daddy immediately makes plans on how to handle future suitors.  Way ahead of time, he has schemes of revenge in place to deal with any guy who breaks her heart.

Daddies have safe laps for little children to crawl onto.  Without a Daddy, a child has no understanding of security and is prone to anxiety.

Dads build doll houses and fix bicycles.  They make the house nice.  They care for Mommies.

A little girl without a Dad has no understanding of men and their ways.  She has no one to warn her and protect her.  She has no one to teach her that love comes in many forms and that sexual love is not necessarily real.

A little boy without a Dad has to learn about women on his own.  With no example, he has to work out what it means to be a provider.

Little children without a Dad, or with a bad Dad, are adrift on an open sea.  Their only hope is in rescue by the Father of fathers.


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