To all the dogs I never loved …

Gingi was a Pekingese.  We found her abandoned at the SPCA when she was 6 months old.  Pekingesies have wonderful personalities.  Not really lovable and grumpy when teased, but so unique.  Once you own one, you will be in love.

Gingi came into our lives before I liked dogs.  She had attitude, more like a cat.  She was always so proud of herself when she went to the parlour and loved climbing into nooks and crannies and drawers.

Gingi died before I could love her properly.  She managed to squeeze her way through the fence and got knocked over.  The driver never stopped and she was dead when I got there.  My family gave her love, therein lays my consolation.  But she started teaching me that dogs could and should be loved, she started walking a road with me which Danni (my Rhodesian Ridgeback) carried through.

Then came Ameé, the cutest little baby Pekingese.  I enveloped her in love.  She died in my hands at 3 months old.  Jessie was extremely tiny and had congenital problems from inbreeding.  She also died in my hands.  My road of learning to love was almost complete.

I fetched Cinnamon (in the picture) when she was 8 weeks old.  She was from the same breeder as Ameé and Jessie and had the same problems.  But this time I went to a specialist vet who saved her.  She is a princess too, just like Gingi and gets funnily angry when the kids tease her.  She doesn’t want to sleep with me, or cuddle.  She loves me on her terms.

And I realised that I, someone who regrets very little, regret not loving Gingi enough.  But I am so grateful for what she taught me.  That dogs are wonderful additions to a family.  They enrich our lives, they teach us, they are loyal and love unconditionally.

Gingi my little animal, if you were here today, you would have been queen.


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