My Heart is a house with many rooms

I walked up the path and entered the front door.  I went up the stairs and saw that there were rooms on either side, right down the hall.

I opened the door on the far left, it was bright and sunny and friendly.  Tyron lived there.  The next one was similar.  Kyle lived there.  I opened door after door and recognized the rooms of those that I loved.  They resided within me.

The last door was nailed shut.  Why would that be?  I hesitated.  It was not inviting.  But the Lover of my soul drew alongside me and started pulling off the boards.  I helped.

We entered.  The curtains were black and drawn.  Cobwebs hung in the air.  The Lover flung the curtains open to let the light in.  Then only did I see him.  My father, lying dead on the bed.  I was repulsed and shocked.  Why a dead person, why did he even have a room?

Lover started tidying up, I assisted.  Afterwards it looked just like the other rooms, cheerful.  But there was still a dead person on the bed.  Lover explained that just because a person had died does not mean that they do not live on in our hearts.  That I had to resurrect him so that I could enjoy and love him, and the memories of him.

I sat down and touched him.  He arose from his sleep, smiled and sat up.


On my way out I encountered a wandering soul in the passage.  I asked:  “Why don’t you go to your room?”

He looked at me sadly and replied:  “I don’t have a room, but this is my home.”

I was surprised, but realized that I had never given him a space in my heart.

“Well, right now I don’t have a room for you”, I said.  “But one day I will.  Here, use this broom cupboard for now until my love for you grows to the size of a room.  It is not your fault.  I will make up for it”.

I pushed him into the broom cupboard.  He looked at me gratefully, with love.  We both understood, and it was okay.

I left that house down the stairs and out the front door, back down the path.



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