It’s not what you Look at, it’s what you See

Scientists have proven that given a scene to look at, most people will focus on one thing and miss the rest.  For instance, in ‘Test your Brain’ on Discovery, an assistant of David Copperfield’s showed a money trick in their studio.  While he was busy, they changed 9 of the props in around the magician, the table he had the money on, his hat and background decor.  Very few people noticed any of the changes.  It was actually so glaringly obvious that when they showed the changes, you felt kind of stupid.

In another experiment he stood on a busy street and showed you how to hide your valuables when travelling.  While he was talking, a life-sized bunny and some other animals crossed the street right behind him.

All this proves is that we do not notice everything around us.  In fact, we notice very little.  In another experiment bystanders watched as a woman’s purse was snatched.  All of them were sure that they could identify the thief but, out of the 20 or so bystanders, only one could identify the colour of the victim’s scarf.  Yet, most of us are prepared to swear in a court of law to what we saw and have no hesitations identifying the perpetrator in a line-up.

We are so sadly mistaken most of the time and the problem is, in cases of crime we mess with other people’s lives.  Our certainties are nothing but assumptions because our minds fill in the blanks between what our eyes looked at, and what it actually saw.

We are presumptuous creatures, we do not question our senses.  We unequivocally believe that what we see or hear or feel is real.

The same goes for our lives.  If we are looking at our troubles and problems we will not see the solutions.  When we are looking at the mountain, we will not see that well-worn path with handrails and rest stops treaded out by those who went before us.  Nor will we notice the crowds lining it to cheer us on and supply us with fresh waters.

That is why it is important to decide what you need to look at.

Then speak it, and believe it!


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