Jy’s my Diksko Bal

We did not start with a mutual liking, it grew over time.  It was not easy, we earned it.  There are so many reasons why we should not be, why we should be distrustful and suspicious.  There are countless people in the way.

Yet, we are.  Why?  Because you make me feel safe.  You are not judgemental or critical.  You have no inhibitions.  You are so naturally you, it makes you beautiful.  You have no pretences or make-believes.  You love unconditionally and give all of yourself.

You are fun to be with, even when you are sad or angry.

You give much and ask for little in return.  You are unselfish, kind and generous.  A ball of shimmering light.

The last few years have been so rough on you, I wish I can help you heal.  You have found yourself in the deepest of waters, but you know you will pull through.

And I will always be here.


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