Yes, you CAN!

Modern technology today, more than ever, has enabled man to think of himself as a god.  There is very little information not available to him, and incredibly little he cannot do.

I have recently entered the waters of brochure and logo design.  In fact, whenever I run into a problem with my computer, I ask Google how to fix it.  If I want to do something that I do not know how to, I ask Google.

When that young girl was kidnapped from Krugersdorp a couple of weeks ago, I received a Blackberry Messenger broadcast within hours.  That is why I broadcast missing person reports immediately.  I have found that more often than not, they are real emergencies.  The cell phone has allowed me to get information and knowledge when I am not in front of my computer.  There are no more inconvenient times for knowledge.  “My people perish through a lack of knowledge”, is no longer an excuse.  Knowledge is there, within grasp, every minute of every day.

Further, apparently we are at the threshold of creating synthetic life by stringing together DNA strands.  I have not heard how the soul is inserted yet.

We have learnt so much in the last couple of decades through the evolution of technology, psychology, archaeology etc.  Man believes that whatever his mind can conceive, he can achieve.  And this is true.  He is held back only by his own fears and lack of faith.

So then, let us not anymore be held back.  We have it all and all is possible.  Grab a hold of this understanding and step out in faith, wherever it is that you are going.


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