I yearn for this Life to have passed

When I will be in glory without trials, tribulations or tears.  Where there will be only righteousness, peace and ecstasy.  Where my bottled tears will stand in remembrance of my sojourn here.

There will be comfourt and laughter and a joyful reunion with all of old.  Loved ones long not seen but ached for.

I know the streets are made of gold and all is new, but more than that I yearn to be with those I love, never to be parted again.

This world is ugly and unkind.  It is tedious and difficult.  It is with blood, sweat and tears that we plot our path.  Worthy to do, worthy to learn, but it too has to come to an end.

Oh what is the hope of those who can only see this here and now?  They are stymied in growth and but poor in spirit.  A life lived without hope is not worth living.  There has to be more to reach for, a hunger and a thirst that will not be slaked until the end arrives.

You who are dead, open your ears and widen your eyes but even more, unlock your heart so that light and life might flood in.

This is all, until it is over, then there will be more.


One response to “I yearn for this Life to have passed

  • montysayers

    Hey Toinette, I agree my friend, can’t wait for the appearing of our Lord Jesus, and I truly can’t see how those with out this hope actually make through a day. The world is a strange place they have a thing called happy hour, the thing that makes it happy is the amount of booze that is consumed, then its back to the same old drudgery only now it its with a hangover. Then they complain of how up to they feel and in the same breath say what a lekker jol we had, what confusion. Shame the poor people. You have a lovely day.

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