We were in Florida during December 2008 and the biggest story on the news was the disappearance and murder of the 3-year-old Caylee Antony.

Her mother Casey was eventually arrested and tried for the murder, but acquitted, apparently due to a lack of evidence. The jurors made known that they did not believe her innocent, but that there was not enough proof to find her guilty and to sentence her. How sad is that?

But for a suspected guilty person to walk free? Hats off to Antony’s lawyers. For those of you who are not aware of the case: Casey Antony’s parents, George and Cindy kept asking Casey where Caylee was. Then George found out that their vehicle (which Casey used) had been impounded. When he collected it, he found that the car smelt of a dead body.

Casey Antony never actually reported her child missing, her mother, Cindy Antony finally phoned and made Casey tell the 911 operator that her child had been missing for 31 days. Cindy told the operator that the car Casey had used smelt like a dead body. A strand of Caylee’s hair was found in the trunk of the car, showing that she had already died. When the body was found, she had duct tape on her skull. Antony first blamed the disappearance on a fictitious baby-sitter, but in court the defence said that Caylee drowned in the pool and that George had molested Casey. They presented no evidence to prove this. Before Caylee’s body was found, Casey was seen partying it up around town, hardly the actions of a distressed, grieving mother many felt.

Antony came across as a hard-core, non-emotional woman who invoked very little sympathy.

And why the surprise because the justice system failed? It does so on a daily basis. We cannot rely on any system to protect us because it is man-made and it will fail us. Just sad that it does so, so often.

In any event, I am not writing this to comment on Casey Antony’s guilt or innocence, I think the evidence speaks for itself. What amazed me was how ready the public was to stone her to death, a public which are all guilty of their own crimes, like I am. I am not justifying Antony, my opinion is that she belongs in jail and considering that she is not, she should be monitored around-the-clock. On the other hand, she was young and foolish, like all of us and perhaps she made a mistake. We don’t know what happened. Therefore, should we not give her the benefit of the doubt? Justice failed but perhaps Casey learnt a very expensive lesson. Her crime might look bigger than the ones we commit, but we do commit crimes. Whether we lie, steal, lust after another man’s wife, or hate. All of it could lead to any of us committing a crime.

There but by the grace of God go I.


5 responses to “Criminals-R-Us

  • offthecuff

    You repeat “justice failed” but add “should we not give her the benefit of the doubt?”

    All the jurors gave her the benefit of the doubt. Yet, you agree that justice failed, the evidence was there, and Casey should be in jail.

    Are you also sympathizing with Casey in her crime and your crimes in that you would also have killed your daughter for whatever reason, selfishness, rage, revenge, neglect? Should she be held less accountable because of her youth?

    I think most people know that everyone across the board is guilty of wrongdoing on different levels but that doesn’t make all wrongdoing then acceptable or “understandable.” That blurs the levity of guilt that Casey crossed in her heinous, criminal wrongdoing.

    And, yes, before God we are all spiritually guilty and condemned, except for those of us who have accepted the blood of Christ and His obedience on our behalf
    And for those who have been given that undeserved grace, we in turn can reach out and love.

    Yet, while in this world of sin, God has given us a civil government, a justice system, and earthly consequences for our actions that we are held accountable to. They are a reflection of His law that through its condemnation we can see our need for Christ. Because man runs the justice system, it’s flawed.

    So to dilute the harshness of the law and it’s consequences, either spiritually or civilly, is to dilute the preciousness of the work of Christ, our only reprieve. If Casey doesn’t consider herself a sinner, she won’t see the need for Christ. If we are to truly love Casey, it would be in the love of Christ. His love clearly spells out the dangers of the cliffs and beckons the hurting to come to him.

    He doesn’t simply cover all wrongdoing with a huge love-blanket and declare everyone OK.

    I would hate to see Casey go to Hell because she was given the wrong message.

    • spokkeltjie

      Let me put it this way. I was not there and I do not know what happened. From the evidence, I think she is guilty. Her youth is something I brought up purely because it could be a possibility that Caylee’s death was an accident. I do not sympathise with her, in fact, I am revolted by her.

      What I do know is that she has been freed, by the legal system. That system we trust to protect us from harm. There is nothing we can do about it now, and she cannot be re-tried. I feel she should have been sent to jail, but she has not.

      Her guilt or innocence was not my point, she was merely and example of where I was going to. And no, God “doesn’t simply cover all wrongdoing with a huge love-blanket and declare everyone OK”. If you read an earlier article I wrote: “How far does the sentence I am sorry Go?” you will see that I am of the conviction that God forgives us when we say that we are sorry. Casey Anthony’s salvation is not for me to judge but what I do know, if she did do it, and she confesses her sins and asks for forgiveness, God will forgive her too.

      The crime Casey Anthony commited was so big and out there, ours are small. Most of us are as guilty of murder as she is, only, it happens inside of us.

  • Hilde

    Hats off to the Anthony Lawyers? If You mean the Prosecution, I agree, if You mean the Defense, I strongly disagree!
    They should hang their Head in Shame for what they did in this Trial. Nothing they said in their Opening Statement they could prove, they made up Lies after Lies hoping something would stick and it did!
    Was that Justice for the Victim Caylee, absolutely not.
    Also You mentioned we are all Criminals, I beg to differ. I know I didn’t kill no one, I have a clear Conscience and like most of the People resent to be compared with the Felon Casey Anthony.
    If People despise Casey Anthony it’s because of her own Actions.
    As for her being young and she made an awful Mistake, that is not an Excuse to kill.
    We All have been Young and some of us had Children very Young, that doesn’t mean we killed our Children when something didn’t go our Way or we had a hard time.
    Killing a Child or for that matter any one can not be accused just because of Age and oh well it was a Mistake! That is just ridiculous to even think that.
    You kill some one You need to be made accountable, no ifs or buts about it.
    Casey Anthony got away with Murder, leave it at that and I am tired People making Excuses for a Murderer!
    Casey Anthony as Caylee’s Mother was responsible for her Well being,she failed miserable and that is a Fact!
    I do wish Casey Anthony and whoever helped her getting away with Murder will catch up with them someday.
    Let’s not forget the Victim, who was shy of only 3 years old, her Life was taken away from her before she had a Chance to grow up. The Person responsible for her Death is walking free not because there wasn’t enough Evidence to convict her but because the Defense made a Mockery out of our Legal System by openly lying in Court and got away with it.

  • Edward Osthoff

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