To my Friends

Each of my friends, without exception, plays a role in my life, whether in body or in spirit. I cannot name you for fear of overlooking someone

I have a friend whose shoulder I have stained with my tears, and a friend who shares my laughter.

To another I divulge my fears. There is one who understands my dreams.

One makes me knuckle down and work hard. Another is for playing hard (beloved).

There is my good counsellor, to lead and guide. And my sparring partner, to challenge and confront.

Some know when I am in a crisis, others nudge me when I don’t see a need.

One I might have to carry for a season, but when it’s my turn, they’re there to hold me up.

Faithful, faithful child, you’ve walked with me through the valley of shadow of death.

Friends come and friends go but they always leave a part of them behind inside my heart. Each of you encourage me to be more me, and inspire me to become more like you.

I would have never been where, or who I am without you.


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