Life is like ‘The Truman Show’

I really enjoyed ‘The Truman Show’ starring Jim Carrey.  It is about a man called Truman who is unaware that he is living in a live reality show which is broadcast to millions of viewers daily.  Inevitably though, he starts questioning his reality.

Truman’s hometown, Seahaven, is a set built under a gigantic dome which is inhabited by actors.  Every facet of Truman’s life is managed by the director, even the weather.  The story allows for various things to happen to Truman to ensure that he does not explore life outside of his boundaries.  Eventually though, and in spite of his fear of water, Truman sets out on a little boat in order to discover the world.   He finds a flight of stairs with an “EXIT” sign and notwithstanding the director’s entreaties, he leaves the only world he has ever known.

Our lives are like ‘The Truman Show’.  We live in a world designed just for us and overseen by the Director.  He keeps His eye on each and every one of us at all time and protects us from harm.  Yet, we live in fear.  When Truman finally faces his fear of the ocean, he discovers that the water is only a couple of meters deep.  The same goes for us, the things we fear are nothing but illusions because our perception of reality is so skewed.

We are faced with hundreds of images daily.  I read somewhere that we see more images in a day than people a century ago saw in a lifetime.   Understandably so because they only saw the farm and occasionally the nearest town.  It is almost impossible for the human mind to cope with all those
images.  In ‘Test your Brain’ on National Geographic they show that you can only pay proper attention to one visual stimulus at a time.  Most else that happens around it will pass you by and your mind will fill in the blanks for itself.  It will make up a story around the one thing you focused on.  And as has been proven, you will be prepared to testify in court to the ‘truth’ when in reality you never did see the colour of the perpetrator’s hat.

‘The Truman Show’ story is entertaining but science has proven that much of what we believe to be true is nothing but a false impression.  Perhaps it is time to seek out the Director of your show because only He will be able to divulge the truth to you and lay your fears to rest.

Look up at your heavens tonight and recognize it for what it is, the dome of the set of your life, with seas only a couple of meters deep.  Maybe then you will be able to become a ‘Tru-Man’ – by questioning your reality.


‘The Truman Show’.  Available from:  (Accessed 17 October 2011)

Available from: (Accessed 17 October 2011)


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